Don’t Take This Election For Granted

If you’re a sportsman don’t you dare take this election year for granted. The choice for who should remain our president for the next four years is quite clear. There is only one candidate who deserves the sportsman’s vote. That candidate is President George W. Bush.

If you’re still undecided…take a look at the latest issue of Field and Stream who interviewed both candidates. It is truly laughable how Senator Kerry trys to fool us into believing that he has any sporting interests whatsoever.

In fact, quite the contrary. Check out Here you will learn how Senator Kerry has spent his entire political career attempting to deny all of us sportsmen the rights we so dearly enjoy. Another great site for information on why the Kerry/Edwards ticket is not right for sportsmen can be found by linking here.

Will you be hunting on Election Day? Not a problem…take a moment now to request an absentee ballot. There is only 41 days left before the election…so if you must vote by proxy do it early to make sure it gets done. I think we all learned an important lesson four years ago how EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!! Make sure your voice is heard and rally your friends to take action also. We need George W. Bush back in the White House because it is obvious he is one of us (much more so than Kerry could ever pretend to be).

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Let The Journey Begin

Greetings Bloggers!

Okay…here we go! There’s no telling where this site will eventually end up…but I can assure you the journey will be a fascinating one along the way.

At times I will likely write about my daily experiences in the out of doors here in southern Minnesota. At other times it will be tackling some tough issues and how they effect the outdoor world we all enjoy. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I write…in fact, a good blog site will challenge you to see things from a different perspective. I do expect, however, that the topics covered will be varied and interesting (at least 90% of the time).

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed on this BLOG site are intended to be a journal of my random thoughts and ideas. Although I do hope you will find the blog site informative, it is meant for entertainment purposes only and I cannot absolutely guarantee the accuracy of any information or comments that may be expressed. Please use the information on an “as is” basis as I do not warrant any thoughts or ideas expressed to be completely reliable or truthful. Furthermore, any comments that may be made by third-party contributors (via comments to posts) are the responsibility of that contributor and not this web blogger. The reader of this blog is strongly encouraged not to rely on any information or commentary that may be posted without first confirming the information’s authenticity. The use of any trademarks or copyrighted material contained in this blog is not intended to infringe upon the holder of those rights. Please understand that the IP addresses of all visitors to this web site are available to us, collected and stored…so play fair.

So come along…and let’s have a long and happy journey together.

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