Sportsmen, Don’t Leave Home without It

To most sportsmen there are a few items of gear that are considered absolutely essential. For instance, consider how popular the pocket knife or multi-tool has become with a growing number of outdoor folk. Then again think about how nifty the little hand-held GPS units have become for navigating in the big outdoors. Still, I contend there is one piece of often over-looked equipment that should be found in every sportsman’s pack and vehicle.

Any ideas what that equipment might be? It costs less than $5, yet it can save a trip and possibly save a life. The uses are endless and only limited by a sportsman’s creativity. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, including camouflage. Give up? I’m talking about Duck Tape. There are literally thousands of uses for Duck Tape thus making it one of the most versatile pieces of essential equipment that any sportsman can carry. But is it called Duck Tape or Duct Tape? Actually, the tape was first developed during World War II to keep moisture out of ammunition cases (like water off a “duck’s” back—hence the name DUCK TAPE).

Consider a few of these modern day uses…then consider how a roll might have saved you some headaches during a past outdoor adventure:

In The Truck
1. Emergency repair to radiator hoses
2. Patch seat covers
3. Electrical repairs
4. Securing gear together to prevent rattling during transport
5. Removing dog hair from seats

In the Boat
1. Repair minor leaks in hull
2. Emergency repair of cracked and leaky gas lines
3. Hiding a spare key with tape to a secret location in boat
4. Hold boat navigation lights in place
5. Securing broken windshields

Around the Camp
1. Repair torn tarps
2. Securing tie-down ropes so they don’t slip
3. Securing coolers to keep critters from their thievery
4. Creating insect proof between tent walls and floor
5. Splint a broken leg
6. Use as a big band-aid to control bleeding

1. Temporary patching of torn clothing
2. Fixing broken decoys
3. Removing hair/feathers from game meat
4. Constructing and attaching blind material
5. Making fletching for an arrow
6. Waterproofing shot shell boxes
7. Field repair of a cracked gunstock
8. Covering muzzle to keep rain/dirt out of barrel
9. Emergency repair of hunting boots
10. Create non-slip grips on hunting knives

1. Repair broken fishing rod
2. Waterproof a hat
3. Fix leaky minnow bucket
4. Make a cut-resistant filleting glove
5. Secure removable dividers in tackle box
6. Emergency repair a hole in landing net
7. Repair punctured or torn waders/hip boots

Out-of-the-ordinary Uses
1. Cut a small piece and leave on a wart for several days. It will starve it of oxygen and is considered more effective than freezing to remove.
2. Homeland security. The government is urging all families to keep enough Duck Tape on hand to be used for protection against chemical or biological terror attacks in the future.

As you can see Duck Tape is no ordinary piece of equipment for the sportsman. Keep several rolls on hand and above all, be creative and don’t forget to grab it the next time you have a dilemma on your hands that requires a “sticky situation.”

© 2004 Jim Braaten. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction without Prior Permission.