This Fish Tale Has A Ring To It – Literally

Did you hear the story of the three fishermen who back about two years ago decided to help their buddy turn the page to a new chapter in his life?   It seems their buddy was having a marriage breakup and that is when one of them had the bright idea to do something different, albeit dramatically symbolic.   They decided that if they caught a sailfish on that day fishing they would hold an informal ceremony and place the soon-to-be divorced friend’s wedding ring on the bill of the sailfish.
Well, lo and behold they did catch a sailfish off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, FL.   They held their little ritual…placed the ring on the fish…and then released the fish back into the salt water.

Okay, now fast forward time about two years later.   It seems this same bunch of guys was out fishing again when…when lo and behold they catch the very same sailfish.   Now, however, the ring had slightly grown into the fish much like a ring would grow unto the finger of a man who perhaps has added a few pounds since his wedding day.

Truly the story is fascinating…and perhaps almost too unbelievable to be true.   What are the odds of the same fishermen catching the very same fish two years later?   Moreover, what are the odds of ANY fishermen catching that same fish again?

Sure, this story does sound a bit skeptical but I happen to believe it is true.   For some reason I just think it is goofy enough that it has to be based in some fact.   I guess the best way I can equate it is the odds for this fisherman to repeat his catch must be about the same as a golfer who shoots a hole-in-one.   The odds are definitely against him, but why not.   In fact, the fishermen have all volunteered to take polygraph tests if that’s what it takes to prove their claim.

Oh how times have changed.   Today the fisherman, Eric Bartos has a new girlfriend in his life.   For some strange reason she was not happy that Bartos removed the ring from the fish and has decided to begin wearing it.   Girlfriends can have strange idiosyncrasies that way…but the new gal in Bartos’ life thinks that maybe this happening is an omen that he should get married again—to her.   Apparently the former Mrs. Bartos could not be reached for comment on this fishy tale.

I can’t help but imagine if this story had worked out a bit differently.   Imagine if you were the fisherman who landed a fish wearing such a ring.   Of course, not knowing the story as to how it got there…you would have had a real fish story to tell for the ages.   As things turned out, Bartos appears to be one lucky fisherman with a life that has taken a much better twist for the good.   He now has a new girlfriend, a story that has seen his name plastered in the news around the world…plus, he has his old ring back.   I guess you might say this fisherman truly had a lucky day on the water.

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