Hey Sportsman’s Blog readers…this message is to each of YOU!

On average I’m seeing that only about 1 in every 80 visitors to this web site is leaving a message – good or bad.   What’s the deal?   Are you in such agreement with everything I write that you’re letting me have the final word?

On the bottom of each daily entry (this one included) you will see a link that is highlighted called Comments.   The number inside the parenthesis tells you if anybody has left a comment on that particular day’s entry.   Okay, that’s how it works.

Now when you read something you like, disagree with, or otherwise feel the need to comment on I hope you will take a few moments of your time and click on this link.   But even if you have nothing to say…you certainly don’t want to miss reading the comments that others have left.

As an inducement for greater participation, I am offering a FREE Cap to the best comment left by a blog guest each month.   See the sidebar at the left.   So start commenting and maybe soon you’ll be wearing your very own Sportsman’s Blog cap.

I know the concept of blogging is new to some of you, but if you learn how this works we can get some great discussions going on topics you either claim to know more about or on subject you are in total disagreement with me on.   So, if you’re taking the time to read this blog…please take a short moment longer and leave me a nice message so others can read.

In closing, if you want to send me private messages feel free to use the e-mail link that is underneath my photo.   Give me a day or so, but I will respond to all e-mail messages sent to me from this blog.

Thanks again for your continued support of the Sportsman’s Blog!!!