An Interesting Day In The Outdoors World

It’s not too often the news seems to be filled with weird stories about nature, but certainly the past few days have seen some interesting developments regarding animals reported both locally and around the world.   Take a look:


It seems about 35 miles away from where I live this morning a woman was attacked by four tigers when she was cleaning their pen.   The victim was flown by Mayo ONE to St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester where she reportedly remains in serious condition.   Allegedly the property on which she was working has had numerous zoning violations in the past for raising exotic pets.   Authorities are now considering additional charges against the property owner in light of this new incident.

On a much brighter note, we are now learning that a species of woodpecker, the ivory-billed woodpecker last confirmed sighting in 1944, has now again been rediscovered in the Big Woods of eastern Arkansas.   The bird, once in great demand for its brilliant plumage, has been thought to be extinct for nearly 60 years.   In fact, the bird is one of a handful of bird species that was believed to have become extinct during the last Century.   But no more, sufficient confirmations through independent sightings, including one on video tape, serves as proof the bird very much still exists in the wild.   Bird enthusiasts around the world are rejoicing in this recent discovery.


On the European side of the globe we also learned today that German toads are literally exploding with no logical explanation.   The toads reportedly will swell up and eventually *POP* obviously killing them.   To date, more than a thousand toads in one pond have perished in this manner when their stomachs expand until they suddenly burst from the increased pressure.   Scientists have examined the toads and the water from the pond but as of yet offer no logical explanation.   

And finally, one of my favorite wildlife stories actually occurred last week but wasn’t widely reported on until this week.   You know the cardinal rule of golf…play the ball where it lays.   Well, it seems three old duffers were playing golf down in South Carolina when one of them teed off and bounced the golf ball in such a fashion that it landed on the tail of a big old alligator.   I know what you’re thinking…but no, the golfer did NOT play the ball where it landed.   Instead, his better judgment dictated that a “ball drop” was probably a more prudent option to continue under the circumstances.

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