New Year’s Resolutions

Yea, I know…blogging has been anything but a priority in life this past year.   Read back a few entries and you’ll discover good intentions that fell miserably short.   Life sometimes does that to you.   The things you WANT to do sometimes must take a backseat to the things you NEED to do.   Such was the case for most of 2005 for me.

I’m not into making excuses…rather; it was simply a fact of life.   Read back several entries and you will discover much of what my life was all about for me during 2005.

Even though lots of fun and exciting things changed in my life during the past year, I am looking forward to a new year with great anticipation.   In fact, now that my housing situation has largely stabilized, I expect (and hope) that many other aspects of life follow suit.

During 2005 I was a pretty pathetic sportsman.   I’ll be the first to admit that.   I can count on one hand how many times I went fishing and hunting during the whole year.   Perhaps that is why there were not so many entries in this blog log.   When a person isn’t actively enjoying the outdoors there is not always new and exciting things to write about.   That situation, however, will be changing for next year.   Here’s my public list of resolutions I am making for 2006:

  • First, and foremost, is to do a better job blogging.   Incredibly, and even though I have not written many entries during the past year…my blog site continues to get many hits.   Since its inception back in September of 2004 I have had nearly 8,000 unique hits.   That’s roughly 16 new visitors every day on average.   Not too shabby for a site that has not been publicly promoted or overly active during the past months.   For 2006, I will strive to regain my daily blogging as I once accomplished back early in my blogging days.
  • 2006 will also be a year of change.   I decided to disband my annual fishing opener function, my summer trapshoot and next fall’s deer hunting activities.   Why?   I will most certainly blog about this in greater depth during the months to come…but mostly because of people.   People who are non-committal or are just simply ungrateful for the things I have set up for the enjoyment of all of us.   So, during 2006, there will be many changes in what I plan for fun group activities as it relates to outdoor activities.
  • Life has been way too stressful during the past 12 months.   I plan to seek out more ways to reduce those stress levels, and largely this will involve outdoor activities away from the new home.
  • Friends.   During the past 18 months many friends have come and gone in my life.   Sadly, the circumstances of losing friends were different with each case, but the dynamics of the final outcome were largely the same.   Admittedly, the dissolution of some of these friendships was largely my fault…at least initially.   Still, I have learned that as in marriage, good friendships evolve and overcome petty little incidents (or tests)…and ultimately the bonds grow stronger because of it.   Friends who continue to posture that they were right and that I was somehow wrong given a specific incident harbor the completely wrong attitude.   I’ve learned that as often is the case, when one friend leaves your life it creates a vacuum of sorts and another new friendship quickly fills the void.   For those friends who have chosen to bifurcate on a completely different path in life, I wish you the best.   And to the many friends who remain loyal and steady in my life, I strive to do an even better job during 2006 to prove I am worthy of your close acquaintance.
  • Get in better shape.    Part of being stressed out and on the move all the time results in poor diet and activity.   During 2006 I strive to do a much better job watching what I eat as well as becoming more physically active on a daily basis.   Notice I didn’t say diet…that dirty little four-letter word.   Instead, I plan to eat more healthful, reduce the amount of soda pop I consume, and reestablish my regimen of walking with my pedometer.   I also plan to talk with my doctor and get a full physical sometime early this coming spring.
  • Now that I have a soon-to-be 9 year old stepson, I plan to do a much better job at showing him the many wonders of the outdoors.   During the upcoming months I hope to document these new discoveries within this blog.
  • As another goal for 2006, I want to take more pictures with my digital camera.   Having the camera in-hand is one of those good habits which I want to better develop.   The benefit to my blog site is more interesting entries.
  • And finally, 2006 marks the 150th anniversary of my ancestors arriving on the farm where I now live.   I plan to observe this sesquicentennial event with a big party and celebration, as well as documenting it on this blog site.   Few people can say they live on the very land that their ancestors settled 150 years prior, but I am one of those lucky few.   Stay tuned.

In closing, I want to wish all of you a Safe and Happy New Year!   May all of your goals come true and your dreams turn into reality.   Thanks for continuing to read this blog site and to make it a success.

© 2005 Jim Braaten.  All Rights Reserved.   No Reproduction without Prior Permission.