Ice Fishing Shacks Becoming An Art Form?

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it.   Mention the phrase “museum quality” to me and it immediately sends a chill up and down my spine.   I’ve never been one who can appreciate the finer points of art.   In most instances, I just don’t get it.   I have better ways of spending a few hours of my time than to gawk at pictures in a museum painted by an artist who looks like he or she threw paint on the canvas…or even a photographer who must have been tripped out on some wacky drug I’ve never gone near.

But recently I came across some “museum quality” pictures that I think most sportsmen would enjoy.   The photographer, Scott Peterman, has photographed and assembled a collection of ice fishing shacks (found in Maine, I believe) that are quite nifty to view.   My favorite is photo 16 (note the ice in the foreground), but check them all out.

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