More On Diamond Dog Food

Two weeks ago I first reported on the Diamond Dog Food recall and how sportsmen should be aware of this toxic situation that has killed many dogs, mostly in the Southeast.   During the two weeks since that post, I must say I have received numerous e-mails of encouragement from both dog owners personally effected by the toxin as well as those who are just plain concerned as dog food-buying consumers.

Thanks to one loyal blog reader he passed along this important information to me today.   I found the article quite interesting and it should serve as a great follow-up to what has been learned since that recall notice first hit the news.   Link HERE.

Even though I live in a state that is not directly affected the Diamond recall area…I purchased my first bag of dog food this past weekend manufactured by a company other than Diamond.   Indeed, for the past six years I have been a loyal Diamond customer…but no more.   At least not until I see how Diamond is going to stand up and be accountable for the deaths of 100s of dogs.

The best advice I can say at this point is if you’ve fed Diamond Dog Food suspected of containing the aflatoxin fungus get your dog into the vet immediately for an examination.   If you are one of the unfortunate sportsmen who have lost a dog because of the poisoning, get your dog tested even it it means doing a post-mortem examination.   Now is a time you will want to strengthen your claim so you need all the credible evidence you can possible assemble.

Also, be very careful about carelessly involving yourself in any upcoming legal action.   No doubt about it there will likely be many individual lawsuits against Diamond seeking legal redress for their alleged negligence.   I also wouldn’t be surprised if down the road those lawsuits combine into a single class action lawsuit against Diamond.   Keep in mind, however, that typically class action lawsuits are rarely in the best interests of the party affected (or class member).   Generally the class action best serves the company (who pays a token amount for a signed waiver against future legal claims) and the various law firms who administer the court action on behalf of the entire class.   As a sportsmen and dog owner, if Diamond has caused you to spend hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars in vet bills OR if you have lost a dog because of the toxin…you need to consult and be represented by your own attorney.

Thanks again to all those concerned blog readers who have taken the time to e-mail me or to post comments on this matter.   As I hear things develop on this story I will try to report on it in the future.   I also appreciate all the information and news tips that are sent my way…keep them coming!!

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