The Kirby Puckett Not Everybody Knew

It’s been a tough few days for sports fans in the Upper Midwest…particularly for those who closely follow the game of baseball.   No doubt about, news Monday about the death of Kirby Puckett, formerly of the Minnesota Twins, sent shock waves throughout the sporting world.   Kirby was one of those cherished few sports players who seemed to have a genuine passion for life…and let’s not forget those passions extended beyond the baseball diamond.

Indeed, Kirby was one of us…a sportsman who had an affinity to his bass fishing.   Introduced to the wonderful world of fishing by former teammate, Kent Hrbek, Kirby quickly developed fishing as a favored pastime during the off-season and in his retirement years.   To learn more about Kirby’s fishing exploits, read this article written just prior to his induction into The Baseball Hall of Fame.

Often we have a difficult time connecting our lives with the big sports heroes of life, but when you stop to thing about it many of these folks relax and enjoy the same outdoor activities we do.

So in the days ahead when you hear all the wonderful things about “Puck’s” life as a baseball player…don’t forget to celebrate the fact that he was also an avid fisherman who has made his last cast.   Somewhere out there is a fishing buddy who now must find a new partner the next time he hits the lake…and that truly is a sad realization whenever a sportsman passes on.

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