Practice & Understand Those Turkey Vocalizations

Go to any sporting goods store and you will usually find a big section on instructional tapes and DVDs to help you learn how to perfect your turkey calling technique.  But did you know the Internet has many educational resources that are just as good…and best of all they are FREE.   Grab a few of your turkey calls and let’s play along as we attempt to mimic the many unique vocalizations made by the wild turkey.

Take a look: Check out the ESPN Hunting Audio Library by clicking here.


The National Wild Turkey Federation also has a page of sounds available by clicking here.

Another page of similar sounds can be found here.

The bottom line is to be a successful turkey hunter you need to practice, practice, practice.   One wrong note and you could just send that big gobbler running off in the opposite direction.   Understand the sounds and learn to master at the very least the most basic calls.   To be a successful turkey hunter means you must properly incorporate the right call, at the right time…and in the right place.   Simple…huh?   Get practicing!!! 

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