Cleaning Out The Freezer In Style

My local sportsman’s club has one each year.   My good friend, Jeff, has one, too, that typically involves hundreds of people out at his hunting shack.   It’s the annual wild game party where everyone spends a little time digging through the freezer to find that certain package of fish or game that’s in dire need of some immediate grillin’.

Although it’s certainly not a newsworthy item…I’m glad to see the Minneapolis StarTribune—a newspaper that has proven in the past it would rather report some negative spin on hunting—this time instead has done a feel-good piece about hunting.   The article shows how a bunch of Twin Cities area hunters annually share the bounty with their non-hunting cohorts with one big party.

Read the article here.

Sometimes as sportsmen we forget that the game we pack away in the freezer can be a special treat, particularly for folks who have not grown up or otherwise been exposed to a hunting or fishing lifestyle.   This article reminds all us that having a wild game party where guests have an opportunity to sample various meats and recipes is a wonderful way to share the bounty.   It’s also a great way to positively expose more non-sportsmen to our way of life by allowing them to taste the many delectable fruits of our experiences in the field.

If you have an annual wild game party…I’d like to hear your story by leaving a comment below.

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