Consider These “Must-have” Camping Gadgets

MarshmallowtoasterRemember the good ol’ days when going camping meant sitting around the campfire telling stories and then roasting marshmallows after a fine meal?   Eventually you would scrounge around until you found the ideal stick to skewer a few marshmallows to dangle over the fire.   But first, you would pull your trusty old pocket knife out…clean off some of the outer bark on the twig…and in short order you had yourself a dandy little marshmallow roasting stick suitable for dozens of the beef tallow puffballs.

But hey…all of that was so last Century.   C’mon, we’re living in the modern age now where you wouldn’t be caught dead doing something like that the old-fashioned way.   I mean, let’s get serious here…how can anything be useful unless it plugs into an electrical outlet OR requires batteries of some kind?

And so it goes with the Electric Marshmallow Toaster.   No more spinning of a stick in your hands hoping to get that even, golden-brown crusty burn.   Now you have a handy little device that will do the rotisserie function for you…all you need to do is push the button to energize the unit.   Then hold the marshmallow the perfect toasting distance from the hot coals and presto!!!   You’ll have yourself a gadget that’s sure to be the talk of the campgrounds.   What’s more…the handle portion sports a sure-grip with ergonomic styling that happens to be heat-shielded.   Don’t keep taking those risks by holding your hands too close to the fire without equipping yourself with this wonderful invention.

BoatblenderOkay, speaking of necessities while camping…you probably thought nothing could possibly be more ingenious and practical than the electric marshmallow toaster I just described…but you’d be wrong.   Now I’m not necessarily encouraging the consumption of alcoholic beverages on this blog…oh what the hell, yes I am!    And perhaps no device short of purchasing a $300 Tailgator fits the bill as well as this $30 Boat Blender.   For a mere fraction of the cost all you need is a cordless drill to power the unit and you have a blender contained inside your glass.

Now, sitting around the campfire (notice we are not condoning the use of either device on a boat, for obvious reasons) can be taken to a whole new level.   The next time your sweetheart yearns for one of those “fruity” drinks…just go to the toolbox and in a few minutes she’ll be content with your resourcefulness.   Then blend-up a salty margarita for yourself and you’ll be making Jimmy Buffet proud.

This summer, as you begin to plan for those boring family camping trips…spend some time now in preparation for the event by doing a little shopping for some much needed new gear.   To heck with concentrating on the tent or the camper…by adding these new toys to your bag of tricks you’ll be putting the fun back into those weekend get-aways.

Hey, have you heard of another cool camping gadget that I failed to list here…then drop me a comment and tell me about it.

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