It’s Not Easy Keeping A Secret

Something exciting happened today but unfortunately I can’t talk much about it quite yet.   Oh sure, some folks might retort…well, then why bring it up until it can be announced?   Why not wait until you can actually blog about it before even teasing about it?   I suppose that is a fair question…but realize I blog about what is on my mind and this matter has definitely consumed my thoughts in recent days.   What I learned today is likely going to make for one of the most memorable fall seasons of my life and I eventually plan to share most of those happenings with you on this blog.

Indeed, discussions are underway to possibly live out a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for this sportsman.   Tonight I am feeling quite honored, fortunate to be selected among thousands of other equally qualified individuals, but happy it will be me to have this unique opportunity.

Keeping secrets is not easy for me, especially when it is good news.   I completely understand why timing is critical and the matter cannot be talked about before its time.   Still, I am so anxious to share my good news with my loyal blog readers that it just about kills me to keep it bottled up.

Needless to say…I plan to reward this blog’s readers for the patience you’ve shown in me by eventually taking you on a journey behind the scenes of something very exciting.   Something, I might add, that few people have ever gotten to experience in the outdoor world.   Stay tuned…and let’s all start getting psyched for the fall hunting season.   I know after this morning I’m sure beginning to feel that way.

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