Animals Do The Damndest Things

I can’t help but blog about two e-mails I received from friends today.   The first one shows a big old bruin apparently shocked when it put its snout in the wrong place.   The pictures are a bit stunning, although I must add I remain a bit skeptical regarding their authenticity.   Yet, this e-mail does not appear on so I have nothing to prove otherwise.   Take a peek at these interesting images:








To me this last picture just looks a bit doctored.   Well, you be the judge.

The next wildlife related e-mail links to another web site that indeed shows some very interesting pictures of deer.   Talk about anthropomorphism at its finest…this site, by naming the deer and giving them human characteristics, is the epitome of what those who are not in touch with nature want to believe.   What’s going on in these pictures might be cute…but it is far from realistic.   The trouble is there are many people in our world who will look at these pictures and say something like “Look Matilda, if those damn hunters weren’t out there shooting and scaring the deer all the time they could be in our yard acting as pets.”

The truth is a web site such as this one sends mixed signals to people who are already quite confused about the real ways of the wild.   I accept the fact that the pictures are interesting and rather cute…but I will grant you it took much more than a hand full of almonds to make these pictures happen.   I’d like to know the real story that isn’t likely being told.

Anyhow, that’s all I’m blogging about today…enjoy the pictures and let me know your thoughts on what you are seeing.

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