Looking Forward To The 2007 SHOT Show

Just six more days and counting.   That’s how long it is until the 29th Annual 2007 SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show) kicks off in sunny Orlando, Florida.   This trade-only show now boasts being the 27th largest trade show of any kind in the nation.   Attracting buyers and exhibitors from all 50 states and over 75 countries, it’s quite easy to see how this event has grown into one of the premier gatherings for the hunting and shooting industry.

I’ve been a regular attendee at SHOT since 1988.   I think there has been only one or two years during that period when I have missed the show—Atlanta being one of those years.   Otherwise, I’ve been in Houston, Dallas, Orlando, New Orleans and Vegas for this annual big get-together.   In fact, most years the show is located in Las Vegas…but sometimes due to scheduling conflicts it will be held in one of these other cities with a large convention center.

SHOTshowfloorThis year more than ever I am excited to see what is new and upcoming in the outdoors sporting world.   It’s a great place to not only see the new products, but also to meet some of the movers and shakers behind the scenes.   One of the truly exciting aspects of the show can also be found in the PRESS ROOM where you can go on just about any day and hear the latest industry buzz.   Lots of deals are cut at these shows and by just walking the 13 plus miles of showroom isles you can sense the excited and truly palpable pulse of the outdoors industry.

This year my main purpose for attending is to make some new contacts for my upcoming podcasting endeavors.   Not only will there be every industry expert imaginable, but there also tends to be lots of celebrities with whom I hope to make some key contacts.   All in all it will be a fun four days and I am starting to anticipate it with a great deal of excited energy.

If any of you loyal blog readers happen to be attending the SHOT Show and would like to hook up for a quick introduction and greeting…drop me a line.   I would love to meet with you briefly and chat.   As always, you can reach me at jim7226@hotmail.com.

Expect that I will be taking lots of notes once again and talking about the SHOT Show for several days after my return.   I also will have my laptop with me so if anything important breaks that is newsworthy I will try to blog about it from my hotel room.   Otherwise, if any of you have questions about specific product or the industry, in general…please do not hesitate to drop me a note.   I’ll do my best to hunt down the details for you and to provide you with the answers.

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