The 2nd Amendment — Can You Defend It?

Let’s face it…there’s a few freedoms that us Americans hold quite near and dear to our hearts.   Free Speech, Search and Seizure protection, Speedy Trials, and so forth.   Yet without a doubt one of the most important rights guaranteed by our country’s forefathers is the 2nd Amendment — The Right To Bear Arms — an Amendment quite clear in language (and importance), but often conveniently misconstrued by the courts and the anti-gun detractors.

So how well do you understand the 2nd Amendment — or shall I say, how well can you defend the interpretation of what those words mean to being a sportsman in America?   You say you’re not a lawyer…well, that may be true, but it could be easily argued that this all-important legal authorization is the very foundation of what allows us to enjoy many of the pastimes in which we participate.   Let’s face it…so often in life we take things for granted and we don’t begin to miss something until it is taken away.   This is particularly true when new gun laws impede our lives and the very way we want to go about enjoying the activity.   Have you forgotten the Clinton era when strict new gun laws temporarily changed what guns we could buy and how many bullets those guns could contain?

So, the next time you find yourself going down that slippery slope falling into a heated debate around the water cooler about The Right To Bear Arms…how do you respond when the other person challenges you that this Amendment was only intended so that we should have a well-armed military AND NOT common citizens running around with guns.   It’s perhaps the most common stance the anti-gun crowd likes to take.   Yet, most of us fumble around and do not defend our position very convincingly or directly.   Well, that is until now.

I discovered a newly released video that sportsman should be embracing and carefully taking to heart.   Put away those elk calling videos and those other instructional videos that are fun to watch.   This video is serious business…and I will tell you right now it is not necessarily fun to watch.   It’s serious information presented in the form of a documentary about a very important topic.


Let’s face it…the media bias pollutes everyone’s mind so much that the line between fact and fiction is often difficult to distinguish for many people.   We are constantly bombarded by lawmakers chiseling away at our gun rights almost to the point where simply being a law-abiding citizen begins to make one feel uneasy about what we are doing.   It’s time for those of us who embrace the sporting life to step back and to take a refresher course on what it means to be a free American.   Seriously, if we allow the very laws promised by our forefathers guaranteeing us a free life to begin to erode…then our entire society ultimately loses.

Enter David T. Hardy who for over 30 years has been a lawyer and noted scholar on the 2nd Amendment.   He’s gone to bat for gun owners against the likes of Michael Moore shooting down Moore’s poorly constructed argument that became popular in the movie Bowling For Columbine.   Hardy also has written numerous law review articles sometimes disputing what is commonly believed and oft misunderstood about the 2nd Amendment.   Now after four years of work he has just recently released this documentary called “In Search of the Second Amendment” which should be 111 minutes of required viewing for every hunter, every target shooter, in fact, every American who appreciates life in a democratic society where freedoms of all kinds are cherished.

I purchased this video directly from Hardy’s website not only because I wanted to see it and learn from it, but also because after viewing it I wanted to donate it to my local public school for their library.   Seriously, I wanted the opportunity to view this documentary because I admit I have a lot to learn about the principle law that guarantees me the right to own guns.   But I also feel it’s important to spread this information in some small effort to bring about a better understanding to others, as well.   Quite honestly, there’s no better place than in our school system for information like this to exist.   The schools won’t buy it to put it there…so that means we have an obligation to see it is available.

Hardy invested a lot into making this video.   He’s not making money on this project, in fact, he’s losing money.   Yet, that doesn’t matter.   He knows that we live in a video age and that is how most of us want to learn.   It’s pretty unlikely the common sportsman will pick up a book about Constitutional law matters and invest several hours reading the complex literature.   On the other hand, most of us are more likely to grab a bowl of popcorn and a soda to watch a well produced documentary even if the topic is quite intense and lacks the typical entertainment value of most videos.

Here’s the deal.   The next time you find yourself in a debate over the 2nd Amendment you will do all of us a disservice if you can’t faithfully defend what some argue is perhaps the most important freedom granted by our Constitution.   You don’t have to be a legal scholar to understand this topic…and yes, I understand that not everyone enjoys learning about such things.   Still, with the Democrats now in power in Washington and in many state houses, there’s no better time than the present to educate yourself on this timely topic.   The only thing worse than not being able to defend your position on the Constitution is allowing someone else the opportunity to spread lies about it without their position being challenged.   Personally, after viewing this video, I no longer intend for that to continue happening.

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