Wife Swap? Hmmm…. Must Admit The Thought Is Tempting

This e-mail showed up in my in-box the other day.   It came from a reliable source who passed it along to me, so I know everything is completely legit.   Here, take a read:

“My name is Susan Perkins [name changed]; I am in the casting department at ABC Television. Currently we are actively and urgently casting Hunting families for our 3 rd season of Wife Swap. I have decided to do a very intensive Deer, Pheasant and other wildlife hunting outreach. My thought process behind this outreach is as follows; I would like to have a family that hunts together for sportsmanship or food. Hunting is such an incredible family bond; I figured I would find a very close nit family this way. I have attached the press release that our communications department put together to this email in reference to this casting. It is not my intention to solicit any of your member information, I am merely asking that if you know of anyone you would like to refer you can either contact me or have them contact me directly. Perhaps you could create a posting under the general information section of your website or you could distribute a mass email and have people contact me as they wish. Just in case you are not familiar with the show, allow me to give you the basics…

  • We air every Monday night at 8 pm on ABC. 
  • The main requirements for the show are- must be a two parent family with at least one child in the home between 7 and 17 years of age.
  • Wife Swap is a 10 to 11 day taping commitment. Mom will be gone for 7 or 8 days during this time.
  • The process involves filling out an application and making an audition tape. If we think you are a good family for Wife Swap, we will begin to look for a match for you and come to visit your family for an afternoon to make a tape that will be edited and presented to the network. 
  • Each family that participates in the program will receive a $20,000 honorarium upon airing of the episode and anyone who refers a family that makes it on to the show will receive a $1,000 finder’s reward. 
  • This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you so much for your time and please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason. Enjoy your day.”

    So there you have it…a prime time TV show casting call, of sorts, seeking a hunting family.   I don’t claim to watch much TV so I’m not very familiar with the program in that sense, but the show’s concept involved is fairly self-descriptive.   Wife Swap is the kind of television show that likes to put people in unusual situations by virtue of swapping the matriarchs of the household, thus stirring up some excitement for the cameras.   Oh boy, one can only imagine where the scenario described above could ultimately lead into given the right swap.

    You know, at first I was going to be my usual skeptical self and figure that something negative will likely come from a show like this…at least to the extent of how it reflects on hunting and hunters (or their families).   Instead, I am going to withhold my judgment just to see what actually happens.   It might actually be quite funny.

    No…I did not apply.   Actually, my wife took one look at this e-mail and said NO WAY!!!   In fact, if after reading this you seriously think your family would be the perfect match for this upcoming episode…well, be my guest.   You can apply right online.   Just make sure I get credit for the $1,000 “finder’s reward,” okay. 

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