Sorry For The Absence…Trying To Get Back On Track

Hi Folks!   Sorry for the absence.   During the past three weeks or so I have succumb to other demands in my life and I’m sad to say blogging has taken an unfortunate back seat.   Indeed, I hang my head in shame and ask your forgiveness as I attempt to get back on track here shortly.

Aside from the week spent with my wife traveling on winter vacation, the other big thing I’ve been working on is my podcasting efforts to get that project launched.   The new audio studio I’ve set up in my office has required a big learning curve.   I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I guess I under estimated just how much time and familiarity it would take for me to become functional with the equipment.   Thanks goes out, in large part, to my friend, Mark Jensen, over at Studio1A Productions for spending many hours on the phone helping me to get things set up and properly adjusted.   Without Mark’s help it would have been virtually impossible to achieve the production sound quality I believe we are now achieving with the set-up.

While I’m on the subject, allow me to give a quick plug to Mark and his efforts.   Without a doubt Mark is one of the main movers and shakers in the podcasting world, also referred to commonly as “new media.”   With over two decades of radio station and broadcast production experience, Mark has become a tremendous resource not only for me, but for many other podcasters who strive for high-end audio quality in their podcasts.   Essentially Mark has two web sites, that reviews equipment and also a new forum where you can post questions about the topic and get advice located at   Check it out…if you’ve ever thought about podcasting it pays to learn all you can before diving in or investing any money.

I’ve been in the process of interviewing guests over the past few weeks in preparation for the inaugural podcast still scheduled to post this coming Friday.   The format will likely be tweaked as time goes along, but currently all shows will be interview based where I sit down with an industry expert to share their given knowledge on a topic.   Look for the shows to last about 30 minutes or so (that’s my goal) and to post either on Friday or Saturday of each week.

That brings me to another point.   Let me ask you this…what (or maybe I should say who) would you like to hear interviewed?   I believe I’ve got some interesting shows lined up to launch this thing, but my efforts are with you in mind.   Is there a timely sportsman topic you would like to learn more about?   Is there an interesting outdoor personality who deserves some recognition that would also make for some lively show interaction?   If you have ideas, please drop me a line.   Often times I need to schedule the interviews several weeks in advance because I’m quickly learning guests are busy and often times schedules don’t go as originally planned, so we need to allow for backup interview dates.

In closing, again I’m sorry for letting so many days slip by without checking in on the blog.   Time has an uncanny way of slipping by when a person gets busy…but I know, that shouldn’t be an excuse.     We’re gonna strive to do much better here in the upcoming weeks.   Thanks for your patience and by sticking with me.

Oh, before I sign off…check out these photos.   A friend sent these to me claiming they actually show a deer stand…well, if it’s true this is the Taj Mahal of all deer stands.   What do you think?   It’s a far cry from the hunting experience that I am familiar with doing here in Minnesota. 







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