Sportsman’s Blog Podcast Episode #6-2007

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Alex-rutledgeToday’s special guest is Alex Rutledge, noted turkey hunting expert and pro staffer for Hunter’s Specialties.   Alex explains his philosophy on turkey hunting when the conditions experienced are less than favorable.   Imagine yourself setting the alarm clock for 4am only to awake to wind or rain.   It can be downright aggravating to dream all year about the perfect turkey hunt and then experience conditions that are far from ideal.   Well, Alex points out there are ways to ensure the hunt does not have to be a total bust.

I also discuss with Alex what qualities he believes most successful turkey hunters must possess.   Indeed, Alex rubs elbows with most of the nation’s top turkey hunters and I can assure you these guys do not rely purely on luck to fill their tag.   See what he has to say about developing the skills necessary to become a turkey hunter who consistently scores.

You know, I really have to thank Alex for his time in conducting this interview.   The man is incredibly busy with so much on his plate, particularly during this time of the year.   I was lucky enough to conduct the interview while he was en route to Ohio to hunt with Governor Ted Strickland tomorrow morning.   In talking with Alex I could sense his excitement, and rightly so, but with everything going on involving this news-making event, he made the time necessary to share the passion of his beloved turkey hunting sport with us.   Check out this podcast…if you’re a turkey hunter you’ll certainly be glad you did.

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