Out of Tragedy Inexcusable Mistakes Were Allegedly Made

Just a quick follow-up to my last post about the turkey hunter who mistakingly shot and killed his 8–year old son.   While I am not trying to dismiss, in any way, the tragic circumstances of this situation, it is now becoming more apparent the father made some serious mistakes allegedly not based on poor judgment alone.

An earlier Minneapolis StarTribune article suggested the father was not even licensed properly to be out turkey hunting and was trespassing on someone else’s property.   As if that action wasn’t bad enough, today now additional details of the incident were released stating the father has been shown to have been under the influence of alcohol (Breathalizer reading = .06) and urine testing showing the detectable presence of marijuana in his system.

While my heart goes out to the family who tragically lost a young loved one, the more I read of this incident the less I can sympathize with the father, despite his poor actions.   Indeed, the father may have been out hunting but NONE of his actions exemplify the kind of sportsmen with whom I associate.

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