I Find This News Just A Bit Ironic

Word has it that police departments around the country are gearing up and preparing for the civil unrest that may come as the Election Day results roll in and voters learn that their favorite candidate is on the short end of the straw, so to speak.   Read more HERE.

With the main street media telling us for the past several months how the McCain/Palin ticket is way behind, on the surface one would assume that the probable riot prone folks are those same bitter Americans clinging to their guns and religion who support the Republican ticket.   Nope.   You would be wrong.   It seems the folks metropolitan police departments are most worried about causing riots are the Democrats who are supposed to be the peace-loving, gun banning party.   Isn’t that odd?

I do think that November 4th is going to be a very pivotal day in our nation’s history.   Indeed, we are living during a time when generations yet to come may someday look back and wonder what it must have been like to experience these fascinating times.   History is in the making no matter how this election turns out.

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