More Than One Way To Kill A Buck!!

Greetings folks!   Sorry for my recent absence on the blog site.   Between hunting activities (and mostly work duties) I just haven’t had a lot of computer time as of late.   Things will be changing here in another two weeks or so…and then I plan to resume my normal blogging activities.

In the meantime, I just had to share some photos that were passed along to me recently in an e-mail.   I know nothing about the location or the farmer involved (if you know leave a comment).   But by all appearances, this nice buck got caught up in the rollers of a combine rendering it unable to escape.   Obviously by the last photo, the farmer likely killed the deer by cutting it’s throat.

I think for those of you who hunt in corn country, like I do, it comes as no surprise that incidents like this happen.   Corn is like a magnet to deer and they will sometimes attempt to hold their ground in the cornfield even when there are only a few rows left to be picked.   Too bad this nice buck had to end it this way.





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