Words To Live By

First off, before I get too far into this blog I hope everyone had a great holiday season.   Hard to believe we are already embarking on a new year, but let’s make it an exciting one filled with plenty of fun-filled outdoor adventures.

Today I want to talk about some words to live by.   You know, those words that somehow strike a chord with you and inspire you to do great things…or at least, become a better person.   Typically I’m not one for motivational books that pump you up, but occasionally I’ll admit they serve a good purpose.

Like most folks, I was thinking about what to resolve to accomplish for the new year.   Somehow the lose weight, work less, yada yada routine just didn’t cut it this year.   Nope.   As I solidly find myself in the throes of life’s “middle-age” I wanted to resolve to accomplish something a little different beginning this year.   More on the specifics of that resolution a bit later.

Not wanting to fail, I searched in my soul for some motivation.   Immediately an encounter came to mind with a book author I met back in 1994.   The book was 220 pages of exciting accounts of life as a mountain climber pushing the limits and making sacrifices all in the name of making a personal achievement.   I’ll be honest, the author was signing free copies at a media event and I’m not usually one who will turn down getting a free book.   Even, if at first, I was only moderately interested in the subject.

But I walked away from that event inspired not so much by the contents of the book, rather, it was the few handwritten words the author used to autograph it for me.   It said, “To Jim…All Great Adventures Begin With The First Step….”   At first I thought that was a cool statement.   A nice departure from the typical “Best Wishes” salutation many authors use when personalizing a book.   Yet, the more I thought about those words how true they rang.   One only needs to look around, and the world is filled with intentions that are never carried out.   Words are cheap, but actions are often priceless.

I often think back to those words scribbled in the beginning of the book when there is something I want to accomplish in life.   Oh heck, I will never be a mountain climber.   Don’t even have the desire whatsoever to make those sort of physical and mental sacrifices.   Yet, whether you are climbing a mountain or even planning a life-long dream hunting trip…the fact remains.   It will never happen unless you take that first step toward making it happen.   Sadly, too many people are too scared to embark on achieving their goals.   They would rather live the dream than muster the motivation to somehow make it happen.

And so, with all of that said, I have resolved beginning in 2009 to make the “first steps” towards a long-time dream I’ve held.   That dream…none other than to write a book.   That’s right, I am beginning the process of researching and ultimately writing the book I’ve had floating around in my head now for some time.   As things develop, I will share more details about the book in the blog…but for now my goal is to use 2009 largely for the research phase and 2010 (and possibly 2011) for the actual writing phase.   The subject matter relates to hunting and fishing, of course.

Here’s hoping that with the start of 2009 you, likewise, feel inspired to make it a great year and begin something fun pertaining to the outdoors.

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