Ice Fishing: Discovering Fun On The Frozen Lake

There’s really not a whole lot that needs to be said here…I will let the pictures (below) speak for themselves.   What you see is a grandpa out with his two granddaughters teaching them to have fun ice fishing.   Indeed, these kids are lucky and they probably don’t even realize it yet in their young lives.   The opportunity to spend time outdoors with a grandpa represents a very special moment.   One, I dare say, I never got to experience as a child.







The outdoors should be a family affair, and spending time out on a frozen Minnesota lake in the winter is the perfect venue for generations of families to share quality time with one another.   Thanks to my good buddy, Todd Rost, who supplied me with these pictures of his daughters and his dad.


On the opposite end of the ice fishing spectrum, this coming weekend I hope to witness ice fishing activity substantially different than what is shown above.   In fact, I will be reporting from the third leg of the North American Ice Fishing Circuit which represents the highest level of competitive ice angling in North America.   Stay tuned as plans are to debut the first Sportsman’s Blog VidCast from this exciting event.

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