This Should Put A Smile On Your Face

It seems the world has had its fill of negative news lately, particularly pertaining to financial matters.   Bank bail-outs, auto maker bail-outs, the Madoff Ponzi Scheme…there’s simply no doubt about it the national psyche has been greatly bruised by witnessing widespread corruption and money woes.

Yet, this news story put a smile on my face.   The Wall Street Journal reports that PETA got scammed as part of the Madoff investment debacle.   That’s right, poor PETA in a strange set of circumstances purchased a package of tickets to the Inaugural festivities which included a chance to meet President Obama.   Obviously, officials from PETA were planning to use the face to face meeting with the President to push their whacky agenda.   The tickets or the meeting never materialized.

The WSJ reports in the story that PETA’s plan was disrupted because the firm offering the tickets for sale had direct ties to Mr. Madoff, someone who has confessed to running a $50+ Billion fraudulent scheme bilking investors.   It’s uncertain if PETA will ever recover the money they paid hoping to lobby the new President.

Just goes to show you…out of every negative situation if you look hard enough you can usually find SOMETHING positive to come from it.

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