Obama Administration Fires First Shot Over The Bow

It’s time sportsmen wake up and begin to realize just how our world is “changing.”   That’s right, the Administration that promised hope and change has now indicated its readiness to take the first step toward enacting major new gun control laws.   So, you think this won’t effect you…well, I have news for you if you’re a shooting sportsman you might want to think again.

Let’s begin by listening to some promises made only a few months ago on the campaign trail:

Oh, and by the way, Ray Shoenke who was part of this video representing “common sense” sportsmen…is nothing other than heading up a gun control front group operating under the guise known as the American Hunters and Shooters Association.   I’ve previously blogged about this bogus group, check it out.

So, Obama’s newly appointed Attorney General, Eric Holder announced that plans are quickly moving forward for a new and improved “Assault Weapons Ban” (AWB).   Seems fairly innocuous since most hunters don’t use “assault-style weapons,” right?   WRONG!   Let’s define some terms being bantered about on this topic:

Assault Weapon — Is a political term used to describe a variety of semi-automatic firearms that have certain features associated with the military — commonly a folding or telescopic stock, hi-capacity magazine, a flash suppressor or a barrel shroud, etc.   All items that are mostly cosmetic in nature.   In other words, to those not part of the shooting culture a gun that just looks down-right “scary.”

Cop Killer Bullets — True cop killer bullets are not readily available to the public.   However, Holder’s use of this term defines it as any bullet capable of penetrating body armor.   Okay, with the exception of my rimfire .22 caliber rifles…ALL of my other hunting rifles would fall under this criteria of using ammunition capable of piercing thru body armor.  

Gun Show Loophole — A fanciful way of saying that gun sales between two private parties can not exist unless you involve a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer to record the transaction.   Think of it this way.   You’re a father and want to hand a prized family gun down to your son.   Well, in the future you might have to first take it to a FFL Dealer and pay them a $20 – $30 transfer fee so they can complete the government paperwork and do a criminal background check on your son.   Sound reasonable?   Imagine the hassle and expense involved with passing down an entire gun collection.

Folks, there will be much more to come on this topic, but it’s time we all start bracing for an onslaught against our 2nd Amendment rights, the likes of which we have never before experienced.   If you want to trust Obama and his minions that they are working in our best interests, then go ahead and keep the blinders on.   But I’m here to tell you that Obama et al. is not just attacking the type of guns you wouldn’t even own for your sporting pursuits.   Nope, our new President has in his gun-banning sights the very genre of guns you likely already own that are tucked away securely in your closet.   Trust me on this one…and stay tuned!!

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