Ammunition Prices Will Begin To Soar…Time To Act Is NOW!!!

Five years ago when I started this blog I found myself writing about light-hearted, feel-good outdoor topics most of the time.   Of course, it was different times back then…the Clinton assault weapons ban had just sunseted and our lawmakers were solidly Republican with a pro-gun rights stance.

Oh, how things have changed.   In Washington we now have the most anti-gun President and legislature that this country has ever experienced.   Quite honestly, it scares me what this group is capable of accomplishing during the next four years to slowly take away my liberty.

If you haven’t heard the latest, it seems that as of last Friday the Obama Administration has sent down an edict stating that all spent military brass ammo casings must now be destroyed and sold as scrap metal.   Are you prepared for what this action means?   Ammo prices are likely going to go through the roof…just mark my word.   It appears Obama’s anti-gun rights thugs feel if they can’t directly take our guns, well they will just make our ammo unavailable or outrageously expensive.   Yup, this is the CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN, all right.

I urge you to listen to the second hour of Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Podcast for great information about what is currently going on.   You can listen to that here:   After listening to that roughly 40 minute segment, I then urge everyone to contact their Congressmen and Senators to put them on notice.   Here’s an outline of the letter my Washington representatives received today.

Dear Congressman Kline!

     I am upset and extremely disappointed regarding the Department of Defense’s recent ruling on selling spent brass for scrap metal rather than to ammunition re-manufacturers.   I understand that as of last Friday the current administration has pressured the DoD to destroy spent ammo casings and sell the material to be used only as scrap metal.

     I view this as an assault on the gun-owning sportsman who has already seen his ammunition supply dry up.   Result: ammo now costs three times as much as it did just a couple of years ago.   If this measure is allowed to persist the price of ammo will continue to double, if not triple.   Your quick action can prevent this from happening.

    The DoD measure is unnecessary and makes no economic sense, whatsoever.   The only purpose it truly serves is to effect law-abiding citizens and interfere with our gun owning rights.

    Consider this.   Selling the spent metal ammo casings for scrap is going to net the government 1/5 of what the value is if sold as casings able to be re-manufactured (as it has been sold prior to last Friday).   During a time of government economic crisis that we are presently in…it is downright wasteful not to sell the ammo casings for their highest value.

    These casings belong to me as a tax-paying citizen and not to receive the highest post-military value is absolutely unconscionable.   Furthermore, it is my understanding that the recycled scrap metal will likely be sold to China.   What a kick in the pants to me as an American.

    I am asking you to act quickly to do whatever is necessary to reverse this latest government atrocity on the gun owning community.   As a voter, I am watching closely to see if your actions (or lack of action) on this matter makes a difference.   When someone attacks my most basic of constitutional rights I take the matter very seriously and will marshal my friends to do the same.

    I look forward to your response as my Congressman on this important matter.   In closing, I am proud to say I am a Lifetime NRA member.

The time to act is now.   This isn’t just a potential threat…it is an ONGOING threat that you will be hearing more about in the coming days and weeks.   Take it very seriously.

Oh, how I wish I could talk about more fluffy things in this blog like I did back in the beginning…but with current events as such affecting the gun-owning sportsman…it just doesn’t seem like a proper way to spend my time these days.

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