What Would You Buy?

Seems like a simple enough and fun question about which to speculate.   In fact, that’s the question a fellow blogger posed on his Twitter account yesterday.   He had some newly acquired birthday money burning-a-hole-in-his-pocket and was seeking suggestions as to how others might spend the cash if they were in his situation.   Nice problem to have, huh?

Well, it certainly got me thinking about how I would spend some mad money these days.   During these difficult economic times…would a person be more practical and spend it on something he/she truly needed (perhaps paying bills) or would it be acceptable to indulge a little and reward one’s self with something more…shall we say, fun and frivolous.   I guess that’s a personal decision that everyone would have to make.   For me, I would be inclined to go with fun and frivolous.  Why not!

So, let’s play the game.   Assume you won a raffle and the prize was $250 cash.   The question I pose to you is how would you spend it?   Would you immediately run off to your closest sporting goods store and buy that gadget that has long been on your dream list?   Or, do you simply tuck the money away postponing any immediate buying decision?   The choice is yours to make.

I suspect some folks might have their heart set on a new fly rod, others might be yearning for new electronics for the boat, while others might only use the $250 as a down-payment towards something much more expensive.   That’s kind of the situation I find myself in, to be honest.   I’ve had my heart set on this one new outdoor toy that I’ve otherwise had a hard time justifying spending nearly $600 towards.

OK, I will confess.   If I had some newly acquired money available to me I would use it to purchase an electronic game (predator) caller.   And not just any caller, mind you.   Nope, I have my heart set on this new model made by FOXPRO, INC. called FURY.   By all accounts it looks to be the ultimate in electronic game calling devices.   Problem is…with all the bells and whistles also comes a pretty steep price tag that my pocketbook just hasn’t been able to justify.   Doesn’t mean I still don’t want one…but without some additional funds mysteriously ending up in my pocket, I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

And perhaps that is the fun premise behind this blog post.   If you suddenly came into some unexpected money, just how would you spend it?   I won’t blame you for saving it or even being practical with it…but instead, assume for a moment your mission is to purchase something fun that maybe…just maybe, you wouldn’t ordinarily purchase.   So, tell me…how would you spend YOUR “fun” money?

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