So, Why Do We Blog About The Outdoors?

Consider it akin to sitting around a crackling campfire with close friends after a long day of hunting.   Or perhaps it’s sitting around a kitchen table back at the cabin sharing stories after an action-packed day spent fishing.   No matter what the venue or occasion, sportsmen have long cherished the unique opportunity to simply unwind, relax and recount their outdoor adventures among special friends.

Indeed, blogging here at Club Outdoors is our digital equivalent to that time spent sitting either at the campfire or around the kitchen table.   Sure, everyone has a story to tell.   And while some individuals might occasionally boast a little about their success…we give them that opportunity because tomorrow night we secretly hold hope it will be our turn to describe the big one that didn’t get away.

Blogging about the outdoors has been one of my life passions during the past five years.   When I created it started off as fun way to journal about whatever topic was on my mind for that particular day.   Some days I felt quite opinionated about the outdoors.   Other days I might even have some outdoors-related news to share.   Most days, however, I just wanted to express myself in a way that connected with others who share a similar interest.   In the process, I’ve discovered many loyal blog readers through my personal blog from virtually all over the world.   Several have also become good Internet friends.

Blog readers need to understand that the communication process is a two-way street.   If someone makes an outrageous comment while sitting around the campfire, most times friends are quick to point out the ridiculousness of the statement.   Same should go for blogging.   On the other hand, if someone back at the cabin just offers up a great fishing tip that seemed to work for them, appreciative friends will let them know.   Again, same should go for blogging.

The point is when each of us Club Outdoors bloggers makes a post on a topic we encourage reader participation.   If you like what you’re reading…let us know.   If you disagree with a comment…let us know about that, too.   As long as your comments are thoughtfully crafted and considerate, your input can help generate lively discussion benefiting the blogger as well as other readers.

During the upcoming months I hope you’ll take some time to better acquaint yourself with the entire Club Outdoors blogging community.   We’re a great bunch of folks sharing outdoor experiences from virtually throughout Minnesota and reaching into portions of Wisconsin.

Don’t forget it’s important for you, the reader, to understand you’re also part of this special blogging community.   Get to know us…but also let us get to know you.   Your feedback expressed by leaving a comment is the fuel that motivates us to continue this blogging effort and to further improve our skills as outdoor communicators.

Sure, sitting in front of a computer staring at the screen is not nearly as exciting as those moments spent at deer camp sitting around the campfire or up at the lake creating those fishing memories.   Nevertheless, through the Club Outdoors blogs it’s possible to still share some of that great outdoor camaraderie.   For me, that’s why I blog about the outdoors.

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