Making A List, Checking It Twice

OK, I’ll admit when it comes to planning an outdoor adventure I’m sort of a list freak.   Been doing it that way for nearly three decades.   To me, the planning and organizing phase that goes into preparing for a long-awaited hunting or fishing trip can be nearly as much fun as actually going on the trip itself.

I discovered quite some time ago that having the right tools, equipment and food along for the adventure goes a long way toward achieving a satisfying outdoor experience.   Besides, when you’re high up on the mountains in Colorado or in the middle of nowhere on the plains of Montana…well, let’s just say heading to town to get forgotten butter is not a realistic option.

During the upcoming weeks sportsmen throughout Minnesota will be embarking on important outdoor adventures they have been planning for months, if not years.   Whether it’s elk hunting in New Mexico, mule deer hunting in Wyoming, or even waterfowl hunting in Manitoba the outcome for experiencing the event both safely and fun will largely be a product of proper planning.

About 15 years ago I developed a master equipment checklist that I now use for nearly all my bigger hunting and fishing trips.   The checklist contains the equipment or trip essentials that at one time or another I have probably used during my outdoor getaways.   It’s comprehensive and I certainly don’t take it all on every trip, however, it becomes a great master resource from which to determine my needs for any given outdoor adventure I may currently be contemplating.

The equipment checklist is actually a small brochure I printed and will gladly send to you.   Just mail to me a self-addressed, stamped (business-sized) envelope (SASE) and I will drop one in the mail back to you.

Jim Braaten
P.O. Box 25
Kenyon, MN  55946–0025

Need the information now?   No problem.   You may download an Adobe Acrobat Reader version of this brochure by linking HERE (1mb download).   Just be sure to print it using the “Shrink to Printable Area” setting on the page scaling screen, otherwise some of the information on the edges my get clipped off during printing.

Honestly, the time spent preparing for a big hunting or fishing adventure should be an exciting time.   The anticipation building up to the event itself not only adds enthusiasm for the experience, but the planning process can be critical to ensure an outing’s eventual success or failure.

If you’ve got big travel plans upcoming, I urge you to spend the weeks leading up to your big outdoor adventure carefully planning for your possible equipment needs.   I can attest from first-hand experience, when you need an item, like a handyman jack to change a trailer tire — you’ll understand the subtle difference between an equipment checklist and an equipment wish list.

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