Another Good Reason To Bring Plenty Of Duct Tape

Okay folks, the following comes to me in an Email so disclaimer up-front: I cannot vouch for the accuracy, but the story and photos are just too good not to pass along to you.   Certainly sounds plausible to me.

It seems some fishermen were on a private “fly-in” fishing trip somewhere in the wilds of Alaska when they made the mistake in judgment of leaving a cooler and bait in the plane while away fishing.   During their absence, here’s what happened to their plane courtesy of a bear:





The story goes on—apparently the pilot used the plane’s radio to contact another pilot who eventually rescued them with 2 new tires, 3 cases of duct tape, and a supply of sheet plastic.   Thanks to the wonderful “fix-it” properties of Duct Tape, they were able to repair the plane sufficiently to fly it back home.


(Photo Credit: Unknown)

So, tell me…doesn’t this story just urge you to purchase another roll or two the next time you’re out shopping?

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SHOT Show Gathers Hunting’s Newest And Best Products

Imagine a trade show with approximately 1,800 display booths requiring a person to walk over 13 miles just to see everything.   Now, imagine how this industry-only show (not open to the public) has achieved such great popularity it draws excited exhibitors and attendees from all 50 states, including over 75 countries worldwide.

There must be something special going on, huh?   Indeed, the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) is no ordinary trade show and the doors are about to open for this year.DSC07341

Ever since SHOT’s beginning back in 1979, it has grown into the biggest shooting sports and hunting showcase of its kind found anywhere in the world.   In fact, Tradeshow Week, the trade-show industry’s premier journal, has in recent years ranked the SHOT Show within the top 25 largest trade shows found in the U.S. and Canada.

As I look back, I recall attending my first SHOT Show in 1989 when it was then held in Dallas, Texas.   I’m pleased to say this year marks my 20th SHOT having only missed shows held in Atlanta, Georgia (1999) and in Orlando, Florida (2009).   All I can say is it just keeps getting bigger, better and more exciting every year.

On display at SHOT will be thousands of new hunting and shooting-related products each hoping to make an impact very soon on retailer shelves.   Truth is, if you’ve developed a gadget or some other idea for the outdoor industry this trade show is almost a must attend.   It’s also become a must attend for the nearly 60,000 retail store product buyers and the 1,500 media folks who annually show up.

So, what will be this year’s big new outdoor product for sportsmen?   How will the shooting sports industry’s mood be looking ahead to President Obama’s second year in the White House?   Which outdoor companies will emerge with hot products and which ones will fold due to the on-going stress of a very challenging economy?

PIC_00955These questions and much more will be answered in less than 48 hours when the doors open at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas kicking off the 32nd annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show for 2010.

I’ll be micro-blogging as I walk SHOT this week (January 19–22) on my personal blog ( as well as posting quick comments on Twitter:   Please follow along and feel free to interact with any questions or comments.

Just keep in mind things happen at a very fast pace during SHOT Show week.   I’ve heard it said that during the four days this outdoor show runs if your goal is to visit every booth, you have approximately 22 seconds of time for snoop and discovery with each exhibitor.   Obviously, one person can’t cover it all, but as my sore feet will attest each evening back in the hotel room…I intend to give it my best attempt.

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Mocking The Ice Fishing Shanty As A Form Of Art

It started with one shanty on the frozen Medicine Lake. In this feral environment, the project has grown to include 20 art shanties and 15 mobile performances. Art Shanty Projects 2010 promises an interactive, engaging art community. ASP is free and open to the public on weekends from January 16 through February 7, 2010.


Well, it's not exactly ice-fishing as it was meant to be, but I guess imitation is the purest form of flattery. Check out these interesting works of Ice Shanty Art being featured on a Minnesota lake.

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