BLACKHAWK! 2010 Outdoor Bloggers Seminar

Earlier this week I took part in a very special event held at the BLACKHAWK! Products Group corporate headquarters in Norfolk, VA.   In total there were 8 of us bloggers invited from around the country who participated in this first-ever BLACKHAWK! sponsored gathering exclusively geared toward bloggers.   The event was incredible packed with lots of information, interesting people, and a chance to learn first-hand about the many quality products this company has to offer.

I will be blogging much more about the event in the days and weeks to come, but just to give you a slight taste of what we experienced take a look at this short video clip featuring Todd Jarrett (4–time world and 9–time national pistol shooting champion).   Here, Todd was providing his thoughts on why he believes the shotgun is the perfect home defense weapon.   Check it out:

Like I said, there will be much more information and pictures yet to come, but right now I would also like to introduce you to some interesting bloggers who shared the many fun experiences with me at this event.   As you’re perusing the Internet, please check out these fellow bloggers and learn more about what they have to offer:

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