OWAA Session — Sponsored Blogs and Innovative Web Opportunities

The following notes were taken from a craft improvement session of the Outdoor Writers Assn of America (annual conference) on the topic of Sponsored Blogs and Innovative Web Opportunities — presented by Kim Kavin, past president of Boating Writers International (www.bwi.org).

  • www.boatermouth.com and www.charterwave.com are her two websites.
  • If you learn just a little about producing websites you look like a genius to many people.
  • CharterWave became the world’s largest repository of yacht charter content articles.
  • Sponsored blogs are listed on her website (either hosted on her website or the sponsor’s own site).
  • Kim also offers her services as a ghost blogger (writing a blog for someone else).
  • Be smart with URLs (everyone should try to own your own name)
  • www.google.com/trends
  • www.google.com/insights/search
  • Use these two sites to help determine your URL names.
  • Learn some tech basics
  • Follow these Twitter geeks: @LanceUlanoff, @pkafka, @mashable, @NiemanLab
  • Biggest mistake she made…not thinking big enough.  Be fearless.

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