OWAA Conference — Profiting From YouTube and YouTube Like Videos

Presented by John Beath (OWAA president):

  • Use YouTube videos to drive traffic to your site.
  • Brand your videos in the editing process (both when the video starts and ends).
  • You must be entertaining, informative or both.
  • You need to have good sound for your videos.
  • Always offer an interesting background.
  • Use videos to entertain your site visitors and keep them returning to see more of your videos.
  • Use video to show off and explain your product.
  • Use video for how-to informative videos.
  • Always put your website address on the video and brand it as your words.
  • You do all of this to build relationships with people—at least that should be your goal.
  • How you code your YouTube page will determine where you appear in the search engines.  You can have a video appear on the search engine’s front page.
  • Let YouTube host your videos rather than your own website.  Search engines will find you more easily this way.
  • You can create a slideshow or video webinar online.
  • Use video to promote your event/seminar.
  • Camtasia Studio — allows you to record what is on your screen.
  • E-junkie: hosts your webinar and will even sell it for you.
  • Video can be a very powerful way to sell.
  • www.halibut.net/owaa/ (most of these notes and sample videos are available at this link from the presenter)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Strive to get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • The best videos are about 1.5 to 4 minutes in length.
  • www.halibut.net/owaa/tips.htm

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