My Wife, She’s The Best

Can you indulge me to do a little bragging? Truth be told I have the best wife a person could ever ask for in life. She’s become the consummate partner whether it’s parenting, being a good soul mate, or heck…even in the boat fishing.

Her name is Roberta but most of her friends just call her “Bert.” Sure, I call her other names, but I don’t want this to become too sappy, if you know what I mean. 😉

Bert’s been a Registered Nurse at the Mayo Clinic for nearly 25 years (she started out young) where she’s worked in various departments during that tenure. During the past 7 years or so she’s worked in the outpatient chemotherapy department dealing with all different types of cancer patients. They say oncology nurses are a special breed…and although I’m slightly prejudice on the matter…I tend to agree.

So, why am I sharing all this? Well, over the years you’ve learned a lot about me…but it suddenly dawned on me I’ve never divulged a great deal more about my family life. Fact is, I am truly blessed with a great family allowing me to do all the things I do out-of-doors.

I got married a bit later in life waiting until I was 42 before getting “hitched.” That was almost six years ago now and my family includes a stepson, Lucas as well as a toddler daughter (2yrs) named Elsie.

Let me tell you, approaching mid-life and dealing with the challenges of raising both a teenager AND a toddler some days has me asking what did I get myself into? Yet, on the whole life is nothing short of wonderful with all those experiences my wife has brought to my life.

The old cliche says how behind every good man is a woman. Well, I won’t claim to be a good man, but I damn sure have a wonderful, loving woman supporting MOST everything I do in life. I just figured it’s time she gets the credit she deserves for putting up with me the way she does.

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