Even Blogs Require Routine Maintenance

Hey, just a quick blog post to point out that last evening I did some maintenance to the Sportsman’s Blog site that might have resulted in subscribers receiving a mailbox full of 60+ e-mails this morning.   For that inconvenience, I apologize and promise it won’t happen again.

Here’s what’s going on.   Since the spring of 2009 I have also been blogging on the Club Outdoors section of the www.StarTribune.com.   Last evening I decided to migrate ALL of those blog postings over the past 18 months back to the Sportsman’s Blog.   I’ll explain sometime in the future why this was important to do, but suffice it to say this event was a one-time occurrence.

Again, if my actions from last evening caused your e-mail box this morning to overload with alerts, I sincerely apologize for that happening.