Petition Afoot To Reverse Minnesota’s Antler Point Restriction Requirement

Several weeks back I was contacted by an individual named Rod Sommerfield who was quite upset with what he saw during Minnesota’s first hunting season contending with the new antler point restriction requirement in zone 3 last fall.   Sommerfield proceeded to articulate to me several experiences he witnessed that were unfortunate occurrences of the new rule—mostly it was incidents of wanton waste caused by hunters violating the burdensome new rule and then not wanting to be in possession of an illegal deer.


To many deer hunters what grows above the ears should not be counted to determine a legal buck.

Bottom line was this particular hunter had seen enough and for the sake of a healthy hunting experience he has started a grassroots campaign to get this trophy-focused management requirement removed from the Minnesota hunting regulations.   Sommerfield, like many other hunters in Minnesota, simply believes the antler point restriction system does not mesh well with how the majority of hunters traditionally enjoy the firearms deer hunting experience.

To be quite honest, I tend to agree and have thus subsequently lent my support to the cause.   My rationale for opposing APR is not necessarily well outlined in the verbiage for how the petition reads, but the end result of getting this onerous requirement stricken from the regulation books needs to be done soon before this poorly executed wildlife management concept is allowed to spread statewide like an out-of-control cancer.

Oh yeah, I know these sort of sentiments were experienced when the principle was first introduced out in Pennsylvania, too…and I know over time most Keystone State hunters have moderated their negative thinking about APR.   Be that as it may, I still don’t like APR and I plan to extensively outline my reasons why in a future blog posting (likely after I return from the SHOT Show).

In the meantime, I offer up this quick post to:  1) share with you the effort that is underway via petition; and 2) start generating some discussion over the positives/negatives of continuing using an antler point restriction system here in Minnesota.

To download the petition please CLICK HERE.

For additional information regarding the petition, please contact:

Rod Sommerfield
(Phone: 507/696-3246)

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