2011 SHOT Show Day One; A Few Quick Observations

Day one of SHOT Show is now complete and quite honestly what struck me most was the sheer number of people in attendance this year. When the show is over I’ll be surprised if some new attendance record isn’t set with over 60,000 show attendees, 2,000+ media types and not to mention the staff working the over 1,600 vendor booths.

Another surprise, at least by my cursory observation so far, is the fact there is no one new product that really “jumped out at me” so far. Now that’s certainly not to say there isn’t lots of new stuff being offered at the show…but from what I am seeing many of the so-called new products being touted have minor design improvements, etc. I just didn’t see that new gear or gadget that offered that “gotta have it” appeal.

On a different note, I did overhear lots of business deals going down and it seemed the retailers in attendance appeared to be quite upbeat about the economy. That’s certainly a positive sign for all of us. Along those same lines…and as much as I hate to say it, the recent Arizona shooting seems to have stirred an increased interest in certain gun sales as the immenent threat of lawmakers introducing more gun control laws appears to be looming on the horizon once again.

I can’t say I really heard this topic as a major concern, in fact, the only discussion I heard about it was at the NRA booth. Still, when I got back to the hotel room after the show the local Las Vegas news had a big story on it and took advantage of sending their cameras out to the SHOT Show for the visual support.

So, you might say where is the reporting on all the new guns? Good point. I’ll be the first to admit my shortcomings when it comes to finding all the new guns/gear and then running back to my hotel room or the press room to discuss the findings. I suggest if you want some good reporting to check out my buddy, Richard Johnson, who does a great job blogging over at: www.GunsHolstersandGear.com. When it comes to the shooting stuff Richard and his crew are on top of things.

Well, in a few minutes I am off to Day Two (which also happens to be my final full day at the show). I leave for home tomorrow which is sad to cut the SHOT Show short, but when you come in early for Media Day at the Range you have to make some sacrifices.

Something a bit fun, tonight I’ll be attending the Sportsman Channel’s big awards gala and reporting on their viewer choice awards while it is happening. Watch my Twitter account for the categories and winners as soon as they are announced. I’ll be “tweeting” from www.Twitter.com/jim7226.

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