Hey, You Dang Deer…Don’t Eat My Camera!

Just a fun post showing a couple of videos taken with my new Cuddeback Attack trail cameras.   I’ll be blogging very soon about my product experiences using these new cameras…but in the meantime I thought I would show two somewhat humorous encounters where the deer is either trying to eat or lick the cameras.

Both of these videos were taken just a short time after the cameras were placed in the woods…so I suspect that once the human scent dissipated what likely remained was some residual salt from my hands.   That possibly could explain why they are reacting the way they are.

One other quick observation I made about deer awareness to these trail cameras is now abundantly clear to me while looking at the video.   Still pictures do not always tell the entire story.   Prior to seeing video of deer on these trail cameras I was convinced that most deer could care less about the presence of a camera hung in the woods.   That was a very poor assumption on my part.   In fact, while these particular deer (in the videos) seemingly were getting a bit passionate with my new toys…most other deer seemed very aware of the camera and often reacted somewhat leery of its presence.   Only by watching video could a person make this sort of behavior determination.

Nevertheless, take a moment to check out these videos if for no other reason that to judge for yourself the quality of the new Cuddeback video feature in their latest trail cameras.

and here’s another…

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