Tweetin’ The Deer Hunting Experience

Hey, c’mon…let’s have a little fun this weekend. I’m talking about actively using Twitter to share the deer hunting experience. What’s that you say…you like to sit in the deer stand to get away from technology and the electronic routine of life? Hey, to each his own, I guess.

For me, this weekend will be the third consecutive year I’ve been tweetin’ from the deer stand during the Minnesota firearms deer hunting opener. Two years ago I had a brand new BlackBerry and playing around with it helped to pass time during the lull in the action. Oddly enough, reception where I hunted was rather spotty so when I moved about it was common for me to lose signal.

Well, those days are gone. I suppose they have put up more towers or something…but now virtually anywhere I walk in my deer woods I am connected with the rest of the world.

IMG_0186This year my plans are to use an iPhone to stay connected with a growing list of followers. Why do it? It’s fun to share experiences in real time. It’s also important to me to show non-hunters who might read my tweets that hunting is much more than pulling the trigger. In fact, as I head to the deer woods tomorrow with my 14y/o Stepson I’m still debating if I will even take a firearm. I might just focus on mentoring the young lad allowing him to be involved if any action takes place.

So, how do we connect on Twitter? It’s easy…simply go to: and click the “follow” button. If you haven’t joined yet…what are you waiting for…just do it!

Oh, sure, if you’re new to Twitter it might take some time to figure out what it’s all about and how to best use it. But the truth is if you simply want to read my “tweets” you can do so WITHOUT JOINING simply by using the link above.

Another fun way to read not just my tweets but what others might be saying about the Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener is by following this link:!/search/MNDeerOpener

So, this year don’t just sit there in the deer stand…pick up your smartphone and join in the fun. Yeah, I know I’ll be tweeting and promoting the Minnesota deer hunting season…but I don’t care if you’re hunting in Virginia or even South Texas. We’ve all got something to share and Twitter is the perfect social media mechanism to make it all happen!

Good luck everyone and let’s have some fun this weekend.

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