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It’s no secret how sometimes in this world where we hunt, fish and trap there are folks who vehemently oppose what we do.   This I understand and I attempt to be tolerant of the fact they see things differently than I do.   And on occasion those of us who communicate the sporting experience get hate mail.   Mostly, it’s just some innocuous drivel where the sender is trying to vent by getting some issue off their chest.

Yesterday, I received such a comment, and while I don’t often share them, I think occasionally we can learn something from their communication effort.   In this case it was a comment made to a blog I posted back in 2009 where I made mention how ammunition prices could be rising due to the precious metals market at the time.   Enjoy the read:

“Sir, with all due respect, i hate you. I hate you and everything you stand for. The NRA is nothing but a band of war criminals. I wish my Earth Mother Godess would smite the world of all weapons and bullets that kill her children. I pray your bullets become as expensive as diamond so you cannot use your weapons to shatter poor mother earths crust ever again.”  ~Love Peacehope

This sender claimed to use an address from a major animal rights organization, but I was not able to verify the source.   Yet, that really doesn’t matter.   And quite honestly, when I receive content like this the person spewing forth such hatred really doesn’t matter.   More importantly, the name they used Love Peacehope is totally a misnomer given the vile words they attempted to communicate.You-suck

So, why even give this person any recognition whatsoever in this blog?   Well, I considered hitting the “delete” button more than once.   Quite frankly, it is apparent the two of us would never see eye-to-eye on such matters.   But the more I thought about things I do see some value in such commentary opposing what we talk about on this blog.   Will or could it ever change the way I think…HELL NO!   Perhaps quite the opposite as it strengthens my resolve to continue my sportsman ways.

Yet, even when people so harshly oppose the very core of what you believe in and do as a person it makes me do some introspection to further cement my personal beliefs.   In my heart of hearts I know which one of us is misguided on this matter.   When I carry out my sporting traditions ethically and with great care I absolutely find no dishonor in my actions.   Furthermore, I can establish with the utmost certainty how the money I’ve spent on license fees, Pittman-Robertson taxes, and charitable donations to conservation organizations have done great things for wildlife that even Ms. Love Peacehope can now enjoy.

In closing, here is what I say to folks who might take issue with this blog and leave comments similar to the one above.   I always listen to you.   I have great tolerance for you even when you say despicable things that might sometimes threaten me or even my family.   I will never hide in fear behind silly names because I am not a coward.

And quite honestly why should I be fearful.   I took my own advice back in 2009 purchasing plenty of ammunition to supply my firearms for some time to come.   Oh, and by the way…the next time you care to leave a comment on this blog sign your REAL NAME and constructively add to the discussion or you can expect a quick “delete.”

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