Seriously? A $750 Spinning Reel?

Okay, this item is not new as it appears to have been on the market for at least a year…but I just noticed it while perusing my recent Cabela’s catalog.   At first I thought it must be some kind of misprint.   I mean, could a spinning reel possibly cost $750 and not be 14 kt gold plated or diamond encrusted?

Well, it appears so.

With a $750 price tag, the Shimano Stella Spinning Reel will not be found in the arsenal of every angler.

Now, keep in mind you’re reading this from a guy who once spent $129.99 for a spinning reel that was on sale and I thought that was an extreme extravagance.   I remember walking from the store feeling a bit guilty and second-guessing the purchase.   Even at that price I sure as heck did not tell my wife how much I just spent.

And apparently I’m not alone.   In reading over the few comments shown on the Shimano Stella reel, I noticed 3 out of 5 purchasers commenting made mention of their wife.  One had to have his wife revive him with smelling salts, another acknowledged not telling his wife the actual cost and a final person stated his wife eventually saw the price at the Cabela’s reel counter, so he finally got busted.

In fact, I found it somewhat amusing how this last guy not only disclosed the price to his wife by accident…but somehow found a way to purchase three more for a total of four luxury reels.   Yes, four spinning reels each costing more than all the fishing reels I’ve purchased combined.

Agreed, maybe I’m just out of touch.   Heck, shooters have their fine shotguns sold at ridiculous prices.   Bowhunters have their high-priced bows.   So, why not anglers with some state-of-the-art high-tech equipment with a price tag to reflect it?

I’d like to hear what you think.   Would you ever purchase a spinning reel costing $750?   If not, just what is the upper limit on how much would you spend on a reel to enhance your angling experience?   Does it take this sort of high-buck equipment to bring out the best angler you can be?   Please comment below.

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