Here’s Why I’ve Been Gone…

Dear Sportsman’s Blog Readers,

A few of you have contacted me and I’m sure many others of you have wondered about my absence over the past many weeks. Truth is I have some heavy things going on in my life right now and I no longer have the motivation to be actively blogging, tweeting or even Facebooking on a regular basis.

Over the past many weeks I have found myself dealing with the end-of-life issues associated with an older parent. In this case, I have been busy caring for and attending to the needs of a beloved mother on her deathbed.

The process is emotionally draining, mentally distracting, and I’ll admit quite demanding of what precious spare time I currently have in my life.

It certainly isn’t that I’ve given up on blogging or my social media activities…but under the circumstances I’ve felt it best to redirect my time and energy toward this difficult process.

Today, we just placed her into hospice care to ensure her remaining days are comfortable and the best they can be. As most of you know, death is a process–both for the dying and for the living. It’s heart wrenching, often overwhelming, but nonetheless something very natural we all must someday experience with loved ones.

During this difficult time in my life I don’t ask for your sympathy, but rather your understanding and, if so inclined, your prayers.

I’ll get back to blogging soon when my mind can once again focus on outdoors matters. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for the concern they have expressed during my sudden absence from the blogosphere.

Jim Braaten