Stepping Outside The Box

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not bored with outdoors blogging, but every now and then a person must change things up just to make life more interesting.   Indeed, it is just too damn easy to fall into the same old rut and continue to do things the same way over and over again.

Consider it sort of like throwing a burger on the grill.   Do you always season it with just salt and pepper…or occasionally do you get a bit “wild” and try something new like Cajun seasoning just to spice things up a bit?   I’m guessing it depends a lot on your personality.

You see, I come from a conservative Norwegian upbringing which often relates to doing things the same old familiar way each time you do something.   If it works and tastes good, well, then for heaven’s sakes why would you risk doing something different and adventurous?   That said, it goes against my very nature to make radical changes and to step outside the proverbial box in the way I do things.


Expect to see more pictures like this one on the blog as I turn into a “foodie.” Just kidding!!

That all changes beginning tomorrow morning.   Yup, I will be attending a blogger conference in Minneapolis that has very little to do with shotgun shells, fishing tackle, or for that matter anything outdoorsy in a recreational sense.   I will be attending my first ever food blogger conference called TECHmunch (

So, how does a hunting and fishing blogger fit in at at a conference with a bunch of knife wielding, whisk swirling foodies?   I have absolutely no idea…but it should be fun to give it a try.

Actually, I’ve come to learn that it really doesn’t matter what the blog topic is about…bloggers of all genres have many of the same challenges and opportunities when it comes to their craft.   In fact, the unique manner in which some of these food bloggers meet those challenges I’m guessing will serve as an inspiration for how you might see me doing things here in this blog during the coming months.

Here’s the deal…as many of my long-time blog readers probably know, I have not been the most active blogging over the past year as I have been dealing with the time consuming end-of-life process of my mother.   Last week was her funeral and it sort of closed a chapter in my life with a new one about to open.

Each of us has the power to choose how the book of our life is written.   Obviously, the last chapter in my life was difficult and filled with sadness.   Well, guess what…the next chapter is going to be vastly different because that is how I choose to have it written.   No more excuses!

Beginning tomorrow I will be doing some fun things that break me out of the rut I’ve been in.   Yes, I will be having fun at a food blogging conference and I plan to report about it right here.   Oh, and by the way…maybe this is a great time to introduce another blogging venture I have started.   As I have since 2004, you can read about my outdoor exploits right here in this blog…but I would like to introduce you to my other NEW blog:

This new blog promises to be a fun way for me to share some of my foodie experiences…mostly as produced on the BBQ grill or the smoker.   I urge you to check it out as I get this new blog up and running.

In the meantime, thanks for putting up with me as I have been in this rut.   It’s time to move on…and I truly believe I have some exciting things planned for the months and years to come.   I hope you’ll continue to be along for the journey.

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