Quality Equipment Next Time You Need A Pinch

Several years back I was reading an ad for a medical supply company that had something I wanted.   Now, keep in mind typically these businesses sell to hospitals and doctors—not the general public—but they had something I knew I could use.   In fact, it stays in my first-aid kit and gets used more frequently than I care to admit.


Nothing says “I Love You” better than giving a professional splinter removal kit for Father’s Day.

What did I buy?   None other than a Professional Splinter Removal Kit.   I mean, c’mon…spend any amount of time in the outdoors and your skin gets poked by a variety of things.   Sure, a lot of those thorn bushes will just fester and eventually work their way out from under your skin.   Nevertheless, there are those times when a person must “man-up” (excuse me ladies) and go digging sub-dermally for that foreign body needing removal from under your hide.

To do so you need the right equipment.   Look, for roughly the cost of a box of good shotgun shells you, too, can purchase your own doctor’s-quality splinter removal kit that will last a lifetime.

Ladies, we could be talking the perfect Father’s Day gift here.   Let’s face it…none of my hunting buddies have one.   In fact, I am the only person I know that has invested in such a device.   I’m not saying that receiving a splinter removal kit ranks high on most people’s gift list…but I can assure you it is the sort of gift that shows you care.

Of course, there are also other options that make sense like the various angled forceps used for tick removal.   If you are serious about the outdoors than it just makes good sense to invest in the type of equipment to keep you safe.

Have I mentioned fly fishing?   How about some quality clamps and scissors you won’t find anywhere else but a doctor’s office.   Now, they can be also found in your fly vest.

Let’s face it…if you go to the website www.tweezersplus.com you will find lots of quality equipment that can be used to make your outdoor life better, whether its in the kitchen, the workshop, you name it.   Best of all, this equipment is all top-quality because it was designed for the hospital or clinical environment.

I’m told this website is offering (through June 2012) a 20% discount on all orders if you use the Discount Code: TPSPRING.

Hey, these folks are not a sponsor nor do they endorse anything I do…I just like to use quality equipment and obviously these folks have it.   Take a quick look at their site and choose a few items that will help round out your first-aid kit or kitchen drawer.

Oh, and by the way…now that I’m into pushing the medical equipment you might be interested to know that next week in this blog I plan a series that goes beyond splinter or tick removal.   The series focuses on “do-it-yourself” appendectomies and how you can save big money with just three basic surgical tools.   Stay tuned.

Just kidding!!

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