12 Important Lessons I Learned During 2012

BLOGGER’S NOTE: This blog post is greatly inspired by another blogger, the Strategic Monk, and his post similarly titled to mine—12 Lessons That I Learned This Year 2012.

1. Sometimes the demands and the responsibilities of life take priority to the time spent blogging—and that’s okay!

2. It’s not the gear I purchase from Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops or Gander Mountain that makes me the outdoors person I strive to be.

3. The true mark of a successful sportsman is not necessarily best displayed by the pictures of me holding fish or game animals.

4. Passion for the outdoors can be very contagious, but others must be in close proximity to catch the bug.


My daughter, Elsie, after winning a fishing competition this summer at the fishing lodge.

5. A person is NEVER too old to be tactfully reminded of safe gun handling practices.

6. An 8 ounce crappie weighs more to a 4 y/o than a 3 pound bass does to any adult.

7. Maintaining a healthy body is even more important than taking good care of your fishing and hunting equipment.

8. Carry a camera at all times.  Trust me, as you grow older pictures help fuel the mind’s ability to live out those fond memories.

9. Outdoors pursuits should never contain a contest component, except for good-natured fun among peers in camp.  Competitiveness beyond that indicates a motivation to be outdoors for all the wrong reasons.

10. Time spent in the woods and on the waters has better positioned me for dealing with and understanding the natural process of death.

11. Dry, warm feet always makes for a happier hunter.

12. The lawn can always be mowed tomorrow, but the fish might only be biting today!

So, let’s hear about what you’ve learned during 2012.   Any great advice that we can use as we inch closer to 2013?

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