So, I Get This E-mail The Other Day…

And it’s from a Casting and Development Producer for what they claim is a major television network.   They really didn’t provide much detail or any specifics as to what is expected, but clearly they are looking for some raw talent meeting the following criteria:

  • From Minnesota
  • Business Owner
  • Hunter
  • Fisherman
  • Outdoorsman
  • Athlete
  • Survivalist
  • Brewer
  • Partier
  • And other people in-between.

Okay, I’m not exactly an athlete and my partying days are largely in my past, but after a few days ruminating on this possibility I just had to send off an application.   I figure…what the heck!C294509_l   I’ve got nothing to lose.

For the past four years I have been hounding Michelle Scheuermann, with the Sportsman Channel, they should develop a program called the Great American Snipe Hunt.   It would be a comedy show spoofing the long-standing practical joke that has been played on unsuspecting people for many decades.   Hidden cameras would show green outdoorsmen out in the woods with…well, you guessed it…a light and a gunny sack.

Now, mind you this tongue-in-cheek program pitch wasn’t any more serious than the program I was proposing, but it’s quite obvious with the cult success of Duck Dynasty that the world is hungry for programming that is a bit off-the-wall funny.

I’ll keep you informed as to when I get chosen for the lead role.   Okay, I will tell you if ANYTHING happens from this point forward.   Also, if you think you have the character and personality to be part of a reality TV program drop me a note at: jim7226 at Hotmail dot com.   I’ll pass along the details as to how you, too, can apply for this interesting opportunity.

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