Use Your Smartphone To Plot Sunrise/Sunset Angles

Just a quick blog post about a cool smartphone app I think you’ll want to consider.   Now, keep in mind this app was not designed for the hunter in mind per se, instead it was developed for landscape photogs who need to know precisely when and where the sun rises and sets each day.


But let’s assume this spring you are building some permanent deer stands or blinds and you would like to know what angle the sun will rise and set come October.   This app will help you figure that out…and best of all it will do so showing any date you put in for the calculation overlayed over a real map.

Assume you expect deer to come down a certain trail and you want to avoid being “skylighted” by the horizon.   This app will help you calculate it…not only for today, but also for during hunting season when the sun will present itself at much different angles.

Maybe you’re a hunter trying to position trail cameras but you want to avoid direct sun into the camera lens.   You can stand in the spot of your choosing and it will show you precisely when and where the sun will rise and set.   This can also help you avoid those areas which might produce harsh shadows and poor pictures.

The potential application list goes on and on.   But I think you get the idea.

Much like a landscape photographer who might use this app to get stunning sunrise/sunset photos using nature to their advantage, the hunter can benefit in much the same manner.

I urge you to download THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S EPHEMERIS (for iOS $8.99 / for Android $4.99) to give you this edge and start learning how to use it.   I think you’ll be quite pleased with the results.

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