Friday Funny: Sven An Ole Takes To Da Wooods, Ya Know!

Here’s a Friday Funny in honor of Minnesota’s archery deer hunting season begining tomorrow morning.   Ya kno, up here in da nort wooods we haf a lot of Sven and Ole’s who will be trekking oot before daybreak on Satuurday.   Enjoy!


Sven and Ole went hunting for deer one day. As good hunters always do, they stopped to ask the farmer permission to hunt. The farmer agreed to let the two hunt, but warned them that he had a very large farm and it was easy to become lost. He told the two hunters that if they got lost to fire three shots into the air and he would come get them. This sounded like a good plan and they were off.

About a half hour later the two found themselves totally lost. Sven said, “Ole, I believe ve be lost, you better fire three shots into de air.”

“Ya, I tink you’re right, Sven,” said Ole. “Ve better get dat farmer going.” So Ole fires three shots into the air with great expectations of seeing the farmer.

A half hour passes and no farmer. Sven says, “Ole, I tink you better fire three more shots into the air, the farmer has not come yet.”

“I can’t,” said Ole, “I run out of arrows.”


I know, you couldn’t see this one coming, could you?  Enjoy the weekend and be safe out in the woods, everyone!

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