How Do You Move A Large Gun Safe Across Country?

This weekend a good friend of mine posed a question to me that had never crossed my mind before.   His dilemma…he’s planning to move his family from one end of the country to the next and he owns this heavy gun safe he would like to transport with them.   His question to me was how he best accomplish the task.

Now, usually I have a good answer for most things, but I have little to no experience when it comes to moving.   Honestly, for most of my life I have stayed on a farm that has been in my family for over 155 years…so why would I worry about such matters?   Yet, moving heavy items, such as a gun safe, can be quite a predicament at a time when life matters in general are already quite stressful.

Now, obviously the easiest answer would be to hire a professional moving company.   Unfortunately, for many families this is a luxury service that is not even a realistic consideration.

Another option is having it trucked as freight.   Of course, when you consider how you would need to crate it (to protect it) for the journey and ship via freight lines a person could easily have $3–500 or more just in transport cost.   Sure, this is a viable option, but a person would have to offset this option by answering the question…is it worth it?

Then, of course, another possibility is just to sell the heavy safe locally before moving and purchase a new one at the new destination.   In this scenario you hope the loss you take plus the extra cost you will need to pay at the final destination makes this possibility even viable.   Remember, too, in some locales just paying sales tax alone on a new purchase is going to take a huge bite out of the pocketbook.

Of course, there is always that option of trucking the safe in your own trailer or truck.   Packing it carefully and taking into account, especially if you have a quality safe that is built solid, how an item like this needs to be strategically placed in a trailer for road safety.   Moreover, a large gun safe whether riding on a trailer (enclosed or open) or in a truck can be a challenge to secure in case of sudden braking incidents.   That’s why often times hauling a safe should be left to professionals equipped to do the job right.

Let’s make this point perfectly clear…under no circumstances do you want to transport guns inside your safe.   For many reasons you are just asking for trouble.   Consider not only the shifting movement and bouncing involved, but be aware of all the different climates that may be encountered during the transport.   Guns are protected in safes when they are stationary, but not when they are moving unless the safe is specifically designed for that purpose.

So, on this matter I default to the blog readers who are willing to share.   If you moved a gun safe over some great distance how did you accomplish the task without breaking the bank?   Any helpful pointers you would like to share?   Any experiences you would rather forget that we could learn from?   I encourage your assistance and participation on this important life topic dealt with by many gun owners at some point in life.

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